Lowe’s or Home Depot: Which is the Better Buy?

Every time you turn around, a new home improvement retailer pops up. With so many choices, it can be tough to decide which one is the best fit for your needs. In this blog post, we’ll pit two of the biggest home improvement retailers against each other—Lowe’s and Home Depot—to see which one comes out on top.

Lowe’s vs. Home Depot: The History

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot were founded in the mid-1900s—Lowe’s in 1946 and Home Depot in 1978. Lowe’s began as a local hardware store in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, in 1921. In comparison, Home Depot was founded in Marietta, Georgia, in 1978. Despite their 30-year age gap, both home improvement retailers are publicly traded companies with a market capitalization of billions of dollars. And, of course, they’re both go-to destinations for anyone looking to tackle a home improvement project.

But their foundation dates aren’t where the similarities between the two end. Let’s take a closer look at each company to see how they stack up against each other.

The Comparison of Products

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a Lowe’s or Home Depot store, then you know that they offer just about everything you could need for your next home improvement project. Both stores sell everything from lumber and power tools to cabinets and countertops to plants and patio furniture. But if we compare apples to apples, there are some critical differences between the two retailers’ product offerings.

For one, Lowe’s tends to focus more on the do-it-yourself crowd, while Home Depot appeals more to professional contractors and tradespeople. This is reflected in their product lineup; Lowe’s generally carries cheaper, lower-quality items, while Home Depot focuses on carrying higher-quality products that are priced accordingly. That said, both stores offer a wide range of products at different prices so that everyone, from first-time homeowners to experienced professionals, can find what they’re looking for.

The Services

In addition to selling everything you need for your next home improvement project, both Lowe’s and Home Depot offer various services to make your life easier. For instance, both stores offer installation services for items like flooring, cabinets, and appliances. Both companies also offer design services to help you plan out your remodel before you get started.

Again, there are some differences between the two companies service offerings. Lowe’s offers more installation services than Home Depot but doesn’t have as many design services available. On the other hand, Home Depot offers fewer installation services but has a broader range of design services. Including 3D kitchen and bathroom design tools that let you see what your newly renovated space will look like when it’s completed.

Differences in Warranties and Coverage

Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have you covered when it comes to warranties and returns. They offer similar coverage on most of their products, with a few key differences. For instance, Lowe’s offers a 90-day return policy for unopened items, while Home Depot only offers a 60-day return policy. Home Depot will also accept opened items for return if you have a valid receipt. On the other hand, Lowe’s only offers exchanges for opened items.

Lowe’s offers a one-year warranty on most of its products, while Home Depot offers a two-year warranty on most of its products. So if you’re looking for a little extra coverage, Home Depot is the way to go.

The Price Comparison

When it comes to price, there’s not a whole lot of difference between Lowe’s and Home Depot. Both stores offer competitive prices on most of their products. That said, there are specific categories where one store tends to be cheaper than the other. For instance, Lowe’s typically offers better deals on power tools, while Home Depot has lower prices on kitchen appliances. Of course, sales and coupons can also further narrow the price gap between the two retailers.

The Verdict

When it comes down to it, which home improvement retailer is the better buy? That depends on what you’re looking for. Lowe’s is probably your best bet if you’re looking for the widest selection of products and services available under one roof. However, if you’re looking for higher-quality products—or are interested in taking advantage of cutting-edge design tools—Home Depot might be a better fit for your needs.


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