8 Home Improvement Stores You Should Know About

Home improvement projects require organization, attention to detail, and a steady supply of resources. Thankfully, when it comes to getting hold of the tools and materials necessary for completing a renovation project, many stores can help. For example, larger home improvements companies like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a wealth of supplies in-store or online.

But if you’re looking for something more niche or want design assistance from experienced professionals, plenty of smaller stores cater specifically to DIYers’ needs.

From family-owned shops specializing in vintage finds and repurposed items to specialty stores with an eye for modern design elements – these eight must-know home improvement stores have everything you’ll need to take your remodeling project from concept to reality.

Is Home Depot and Lows Worth it

Home Depot and Lowe’s make checking off all the boxes on your home improvement list easy. Whether you’re looking for hammers and nails, bathroom tiles, or a light fixture, the wide selection at both stores should have what you need.

As an added bonus, the staff are guaranteed to be up-to-date on the latest products and trends – so if you need advice on a particular installation technique or want to know more about a specific product, they’re an invaluable resource.

Of course, if you want something truly unique or unusual, these stores may not have it – but they can help point you in the right direction. All in all, Home Depot and Lowe’s are great options when it comes to tackling your home renovation list.

Other Just as Good Options Aside From Home Depot and Lowes:

McGuckin Hardware

McGuckin Hardware is the ultimate destination for finding all your tool needs. With a wide selection of hand tools, power tools, ladders, and more, it’s no wonder why this Boulder landmark has been serving the community since 1955. Offering everything from saws to screwdrivers and sanders to shovels, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need. The store also features a qualified staff who can guide you through your purchasing decisions and answer any questions you may have.

Menards Store

Menards is a Midwest chain of home improvement stores that offers low prices on building materials, tools, and appliances. It’s known for having an expansive product selection and well-trained staff who can answer questions quickly. Menards also offers discounts on bulk purchases and deals on flooring and supplies. 

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is the largest hardware cooperative in the world, with over 5,000 independently owned stores worldwide. They specialize in providing detailed advice and expert knowledge in areas like plumbing, electrical, gardening, painting, and more. Ace Hardware also offers a wide range of products, from garden tools to paint supplies to outdoor furniture. 

True Value

True Value is one of the oldest home improvement chains in the United States, with over 4500 locations worldwide. They specialize in offering affordable quality products and excellent customer service. True Value has an extensive selection of products, from power tools to garden supplies to seasonal decorations. 

84 Lumber

84 Lumber is one of the largest suppliers of building materials in the United States with over 250 locations across 41 states plus Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Canada & Mexico. They specialize in offering lumber, plywood sheets, doors, windows, siding, trim, decking, insulation, drywall, roofing & much more! This makes them ideal for larger projects such as new construction or remodeling jobs where you need bulk items delivered quickly & accurately. 

Empire Today

Empire Today specializes in carpeting installation services as well as flooring installation services such as hardwood floors, laminate floors, and vinyl tile/plank flooring options. Their showrooms feature displays of various types of floor coverings so that customers can get a good idea of what their finished product will look like. In addition to these services they offer free estimates for all installation projects.   

Pacific Trails

Pacific Trails specializes in outdoor furniture including patio sets, outdoor rugs & cushions, fire pits & planters. They have several showrooms located throughout California where customers can view their vast selection of outdoor furniture pieces before making their purchase decision . Pacific Trails also provides delivery & assembly services within 30 miles radius from each store location.  

Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools is an American retailer specializing in discount power tools and automotive parts/accessories. The company has been around since 1968 and currently has over 700 retail stores across the US & Canada. Harbor Freight Tools carries a wide range of products, including hand tools, air compressors, generators, welding equipment & tool storage solutions. They also offer free shipping on orders over $99! 


When it comes to making updates and improvements to your home, the choices can seem endless. You may be overwhelmed with a multitude of options for supplies and services, but fortunately, there are a number of home improvement stores that can provide you with whatever you need for a successful job or beautiful décor.

The eight names featured in this list offer specialty products that fit all different types of projects, whether it be something as small as getting a few accessories for your backyard patio or something much larger like constructing an entire deck from scratch.

Each store has extraordinary products to choose from that will suit your needs perfectly so make sure to explore them all before jumping into making any decisions.


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