How to Make Your Home Child Friendly

Creating a safe and comfortable space for your beloved children is paramount for any home. Ensuring your home is child-friendly includes providing adequate toys, activities, and storage solutions to keep the home organized and uncluttered. Knowing which electrical outlets are covered and avoiding small pieces are also sensible strategies to keep kids safe.

Wider door frames, soft edges on furniture, non-slip rugs, and other scenic play space can also ensure comfort. Measured additions like having sturdy handrails or higher toilet seats offer protection while improving accessibility in the home. Such measures can contribute to an overall improved environment suitable for kids and adults alike!

Safety First 

When raising a family with multiple children, there’s an ever-present need to ensure the safety of your little ones. While there will always be unavoidable accidents, you can take extra measures to give yourself peace of mind that they’re playing in an environment as safe as possible.

Installing safety gates around staircases is a great way to limit potential falls and injuries; these gates are incredibly easy to install and come in various styles and colors. Additionally, storing everyday items – such as the contents of the kitchen drawers or sharp objects – out of reach or in locked cupboards will prevent any unforeseen accidents.

With the added bonus of removing unsightly or hazardous cords from curtains and blinds, you can ensure your youngest won’t find themselves in any difficult situation.

Taking precautionary steps like these ensures your family home is secured against any foreseeable danger.

Keep It Green

Keeping a child-friendly household doesn’t have to be daunting. With many natural and non-toxic cleaning products now on the market, keeping your family surfaces clean and your kids healthy can be easy and safe.

Start by stocking your home with all-purpose cleaners that use sustainably sourced ingredients like lemon, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to do the job. Plus, these types of products are significantly less harsh than conventional cleansers, making breaks with invisible residues on surfaces.

They also don’t contain potentially toxic chemicals that could harm children if they were accidentally ingested. Consider renting a steam cleaner to help sanitize for larger cleaning jobs while not exposing you and your family to chemical fumes or overspray.

It’s always a good idea to check labels for any cautions like “Keep out of reach of children” or “Use in a well-ventilated area.” With these simple tips it can be easy for each family member to stay safe and healthy in their own home.

Softer Landings

For families with young children, area rugs and softer flooring are key when it comes to creating a safe and inviting home. Not only do area rugs and softer flooring help prevent slipping and injury, but they can also add warmth and color to any space that won’t overwhelm the eye.

Area rugs offer the perfect way to bring personality into the living room, bedroom, or playroom while being soft underfoot.

Additionally, softer flooring such as cork or bamboo provide essential cushion to areas of the home where feet will be often be running and tumbling – helping keep your little ones safe. With a few thoughtful touches like area rugs and softer flooring, your child-friendly household will become a beautiful place for kids of all ages to explore for years to come.

Furniture Upgrades 

Parents want to feel confident that their children will be safe when furnishing a home. Protective furniture is essential for both practical and decorative reasons.

For instance, low couches and chairs made of comfortable fabrics with rounded edges help prevent your children from bumping into hard pieces. Additionally, coffee tables with soft edges are safer options than those with sharp corners; this means kids can move around freely and explore more confidently with less risk of hurting themselves on furniture.

Investing in specially designed furniture for those still learning to navigate their environment can help ensure children have a greater sense of security when playing around the house.

Using Safer Materials

Households with young children require extra attention to ensure that the environment is always safe and secure. By switching out everyday products for kid-safe alternatives, you can give yourself extra peace of mind at mealtimes.

Lightweight plastic plates and bowls are less likely to cause serious injury if accidentally dropped, while shatterproof cups are an ideal replacement for glassware – no more worrying about broken glass as kids run around the living room!

Even the bathroom can be made safer with products designed from rubber or other non-slip materials; this ensures that any spills won’t cause accidents in a wet environment. Making these sensible adjustments in your home can make a world of difference to the safety of your little ones!


Ensuring your home is kid friendly and safe doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your well thought out décor. Instead of relegating all the furniture to the basement, you can bring stylish board pieces to protect your children during their playtime adventures.

Look for couches, chairs or ottomans with rounded corners or any surfaces that won’t cause injury to curious toddlers. Invest in products like cabinet locks to help prevent accidental falls as they explore drawers, and add safety gates to create barricades from staircases and other rooms.

These small steps can create a beautiful atmosphere without compromising your child’s general well-being. Your house will look fabulous and work for everyone in the family – giving parents the chance to enjoy peace of mind knowing that babies are playing safely at all times!


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