12 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Home with Books

For those who love literature, books are more than just a source of entertainment—they’re a lifestyle. However, incorporating these literary treasures into your home decor can be tricky.

The last thing you want is for your home to resemble a cluttered library. Fear not, book lovers! We’ve got you covered with 12 unique ways to decorate every area of your home with books stylishly and tastefully.

Whether you’re an author, collector or simply a book enthusiast, these ideas will surely bring literary charm to your living space. From shelving to coffee tables, let’s explore the possibilities together!

  1. A Simple and Elegant Coffee Table Display

Place a few of your favorite books on the coffee table and arrange them with some small decorative items like a vase or candle holder. This simple yet elegant display will add color, texture, and personality to any room in the house. 

  1. Create an Accent Wall

If you have an empty wall that needs some pizzazz, consider adding bookshelves filled with colorful spines. You can do this in an array of styles—from modern and minimalistic to eclectic and rustic—and it can be easily changed depending on the mood you want your room to portray. 

  1. Use Books as Room Dividers

If you want some privacy without cutting off the light from entering the space, then why not use books as room dividers? Line up bookcases around the room to form walls that allow natural light through. Not only does this look great but it also provides plenty of space for storage too! 

  1. Create a Homemade Library

Who says libraries need librarians? Use bookshelves or boxes to create your own library at home and store all your favorite titles there. You can even paint the walls in dark colors like navy blue or burgundy for a cozy feel reminiscent of many public libraries out there today. 

  1. Stack Books Vertically

Stacking books vertically is another great way to make use of their spines as decorative elements around the house. This can be done in almost any room – from the living room to the bedroom – and it adds visual interest while simultaneously making efficient use of available space! 

  1. Add Colorful Bookends

Adding colorful bookends is another great way to spice up any shelf full of books—they don’t just keep your pages straight but also add much-needed color and texture into spaces that may otherwise feel dull and drab. 

  1. Make Your Own Bookshelf Headboard

If you’re looking for something unique, try making your own headboard using old hardcover books stacked on top of wooden boards painted in various colors for an eye-catching effect!

  1. Utilize Unused Nooks & Corners

Have you ever noticed that many homes have pockets of hidden spaces? Nooks and corners often get overlooked when it comes time for decorating, but they don’t have to stay empty. If you love books and find yourself forever looking for shelf space, these forgotten spots are perfect for library collections! Stacks of books can easily take up an entire nook or corner without there seeming to be too much in any one area – add a cozy chair and moments later you’ve created a little literary escape.

  1. Stack Them Up High On Shelves

When it comes time for displaying your collection, don’t forget about those high shelves too—stacking up boxes full of paperbacks or hardcovers will give any shelf an added layer depth and texture!

10 . Hang Them On The Wall In Frames

Have some treasured editions that deserve special treatment? Why not hang them up on the walls in frames for added protection?

11 . Line The Stairs With Books

Want something really striking? Try lining your stairs with stacks upon stacks of colorful hardcover novels for a dramatic effect that’ll definitely turn heads (in a good way).

12 . Add Some Bookish Elements Into Your Kitchen

Last but not least, don’t forget to incorporate some bookish elements into other parts of your home, like the kitchen! Try hanging up vintage cookbooks as art pieces above counters or cabinets (they make beautiful backsplashes!) or placing cookbook stands next to stoves so they’re always within arm’s reach while cooking dinner each night! 


We hope these creative ideas have inspired you when it comes time to decorate with books around your home! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layouts and arrangements until you find something that speaks directly to who you are—a true reflection of yourself inside each one’s pages!

With careful planning and thoughtful execution, soon enough, all corners of your home will be transformed into magical oases filled with stories both past, present & future…all thanks to those beloved paperbacks & hardcovers out there waiting just for YOU.


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