Building a Home the Spanish Way: The Advantages of Spanish-Style Architecture

You may have noticed some similarities between Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes. These houses feature stucco exteriors, terra cotta tile roofs, courtyards, and arched windows and doorways.

But why are these types of homes so popular? It’s all thanks to the design principles inherent in Spanish architecture—a design that prioritizes durability, energy efficiency, and comfort. Let’s dive into why you should consider building a home with Spanish-style architecture.

The Proud History

The history of Spanish-style homes is a captivating tale of inspiration, creativity, and revival. Beginning in the 19th century, architects sought to recreate the grandeur and beauty of Spanish colonial-era buildings and churches punctuating the American landscape.

This movement was marked by a unique blend of old and new, from grand public spaces to private homes, as modern elements were incorporated alongside ornate Baroque and Moorish designs. Though these homes aren’t exact replicas, with each creation came a unique piece of architectural art, each with its own distinct personality and charm.

Today, Spanish-style homes remain as grand testaments to centuries of history, and their enduring appeal lives on both as a nod to the past and a look towards the future.

Durability & Low Maintenance 

There’s no denying that building a house with Spanish influence has some impressive advantages.

Firstly, their durability is unmatched. Made from natural materials like clay tile, wood, stone, and stucco, these houses can handle even the toughest of weather conditions. Rain, snow, and hail won’t stand a chance against these structures.

Even better, their simplistic design makes upkeep and maintenance a breeze. You won’t need to worry about fancy features or intricate craftsmanship taking up your time with repairs. Instead, these homes allow you to focus on what matters most, like enjoying your long-lasting, stunning new home.

Major Points In Spanish Style Homes:

Outside Development: 

  • Terracotta Roofs
  • Stucco Walls
  • Ornamentation 
  • Small Windows 
  • Wooden Support Beams 
  • Local Materials 
  • Wooden Support Beams

Inside Development: 

  • Visible Wooden Beams
  • Domed Ceilings 
  • Decorative Tiles
  • Wrought Iron 

Energy Efficiency & Comfort 

Step inside one of these houses and you may just feel like you’ve entered a cozy and energy-efficient oasis. With thick walls to buffer against the outside elements and small windows that let just the right amount of light in, these homes are designed to keep energy consumption low without sacrificing comfort.

In fact, you may find yourself even more comfortable inside during hot summer months than you would be in a standard home with more windows. The thick walls keep cool air in longer before allowing it to escape through ventilation points, which means you’ll enjoy a more consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the day.

Not only will you save on your heating and cooling bills, but you’ll also feel good knowing you’re doing your part to promote energy efficiency.

Aesthetic Appeal & Versatility 

There is something about this type of architecture that just draws you in.

It’s as if the symmetrical shapes are calling out to us, beckoning us closer to admire their beauty. The classic look of these buildings has an air of timelessness, yet it somehow manages to look modern at the same time – a true testament to the versatility of this style.

Not only that, but this type of architecture can be customized to fit different climates and cultures, making it a flexible approach that a wide range of people can enjoy. Whether you live in a bustling city or a rural countryside, there’s something undeniably inviting about these homes that will make you feel right at home.

Finding The Right Help

The charm of a Spanish-style home is undeniable. The arched doorways, vibrant tiles, and intricate wrought-iron work evoke a sense of history and romance. However, finding the right renovators to bring out the best in your Spanish-style home can be daunting.

The good news is that there are experts who specialize in this architecture. They understand the unique features of Spanish-style homes and are adept at creating spaces that honor the past while meeting the needs of modern living. To find these renovators, start by doing your research. Look for professionals who have experience working with this type of architecture and who share your passion for preserving its character.

With the right team by your side, your Spanish-style home renovation will be a masterpiece you’ll treasure for years.


Spanish-style architecture is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a durable yet aesthetically pleasing house with great energy efficiency features that will help bring down your utility bills while keeping your home comfortable year-round no matter what kind of climate you live in!

With its versatility and low maintenance needs, this style of building is sure to provide years upon years of enjoyment for those who choose it for their next project!

Renovators should seriously consider embracing this type of architecture for their next project – after all, the Spanish had it right!


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