30 Accent Wall Inspirations to Transform Your Space

Are you ready to create a statement wall in your home but don’t know where to start? Choosing an accent wall can be an exciting way to add character and depth to a room. An accent wall can provide a sense of contrast, style, and a defined focal point that can draw the eye upward and create a sense of depth in the room. With so many options available, we have gathered 30 inspirations that will get your creative juices flowing and make your accent wall project a success.

1. Rainbow Walls: Transform your space from boring to chic by selecting colors from the rainbow. Whether you opt for a rainbow-colored mural, stripes or an ombre effect, you can’t go wrong with a colorful statement piece.

2. Geometric Shapes: Add a contemporary feel to your space by creating a simple yet bold geometric accent wall. Opting for a triangular pattern or honeycomb design can bring interest to the space without being too overpowering.

3. Brick Wall: A brick accent wall adds warmness and rustic charm to any room setting. Both real and faux bricks are available in different colors and sizes, giving you endless opportunities to showcase your creativity.

4. Wood panels: A wooden panel accent wall provides inviting texture and depth to any room. Combine light-toned wooden ceiling beams and flooring with a dark wooden panel wall for a modern rustic look, creating a unique contrast that screams sophistication.

5. Dark Accent Wall: An accent wall painted in a dark color will add character, depth, and elegance to a small room. By contrast, painting the other walls in a lighter color will create the illusion of spaciousness and draw the eye to the accent wall.

6. Bold Prints: Go big on wallpapers with bold prints to transform your space into a statement-making masterpiece. Opt for wallpapers with large graphics or intricate prints, and let them take center stage.

7. Mural Walls: Opt for mural walls for a unique and creative accent in your home. You can choose from scenery, abstract art, city landscapes or personal pictures to make a bold statement.

8. Stone Accents: For a luxurious, elegant look, stone walls will take your living space to the next level. Different types of stones, such as limestone, marble, and slate, can be used to achieve a rugged, textured look that breathes warmth and natural charm.

9. Wallpaper: Add personality and character to your living space with stylish wallpaper. With options from minimalist to over-the-top, you can create a distinctive look that suits your personality.

10. Chalkboard Walls: Create a space to showcase your creativity with a chalkboard wall. It’s also a fun and interactive addition for the little ones.

11. Marble Tile Accent Walls: Marble tiles are a great and elegant option for a bathroom, but can also make for a standout accent wall in your den.

12. Chevron Wall: A chevron wall provides playful, geometric energy to your room. It fits perfectly in small spaces or as a decor highlight wherever you fancy it.

13. Industrial Vibes: Expose brick walls or install brick veneers for an industrial vibe accent wall. Pair it up with a light fixture with an iron or metallic finish for a complete industrial look.

14. Paneling: Paneling brings out a vintage or contemporary charm on your walls. It’s a perfect customization option for those who want a non-paint option.

15. Textured Wallpaper: A textured wallpaper can lend depth to a room by adding texture to a wall. It’s an ideal way to create a vista without using other pieces of decoration.

16. Bold, Solid Colours: Bold, solid colors create beautiful accent walls, you can play with an array of color options as you decide on what fits your brand and style.

17. Futuristic Styling: Add a touch of modernism to your interior space with a futuristic accent wall. Think chrome, constellations, and other unique symbolisms that can bring your room to the future.

18. Embrace Mosaics: Wall-mounted mosaic artwork is a unique way to create a statement wall. You can choose amongst different colors and varying shapes to create the perfect wall art for your room.

19. Metallic Feature Walls: Add a metallic feature wall to give your living room an exceptionally glam look. Metallic wallpapers are available in various patterns and designs; gold, bronze, silver, and bronze tinted wallpapers are exquisite options available to bring out bold character.

20. Decals: Decals are a simple, low-cost method to bring character to an accent wall. You can choose graphic or non-graphic decals or create custom designs that feature quotes or motivational lines that inspire creativity and productivity.

21. Dado Rails: Dado rails create an elegant, subtle textural and designer look to your living space by adding distinctive styles.

22. Multicolored Hues: Multicolored abstract accent walls are an excellent way to add eclectic character to living space. With various colors and hues to choose from, it’s a sure way to pull in the various accent features of the room.

23. Photomural Accent Walls: With photomural accent walls, you can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. You have options, including the ocean, cityscape or landscape, wildlife, and plants.

24. Fabric Accent Walls: Fabric wall finishings create a soft, welcoming look, adding depth and character. They’re easy to install and available in various textures, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance for your room.

25. Exposed Brick: For a traditional, rustic look, exposed brick creates a timeless backdrop. Wallpaper, tiles or veneers that mimic the real exposed brickwork can also give a great look.

26. Floral Accents: Floral patterned wallpaper or stickers are an excellent way to add a feminine touch to your living room/space without going too over the top.

27. Striped Walls: Choosing a striped format that divides the wall into columns or stripes/divisions creates beautiful visually striking accents.

28. Focal Wall Painting: Play with colors to create a unique focal wall that becomes a beautifully defining piece.

29. Accent Walls of Large Art Pieces: Large, bold art pieces create beautiful accents that showcase your personality and tie everything together.

30. Ceiling Accent Walls: The ceiling is an excellent place to add color and personality to your living space. Painting your ceiling or adding textures can give that accent look you want.


There is no denying that choosing an accent wall can be both enjoyable and overwhelming. You have numerous inspirations to choose from, and it all depends on the type of feel you want to establish in your living space. The above 30 inspirations cater to the tastes and preferences of every homeowner, so don’t be afraid to experiment with various styles and designs to create a beautiful statement wall that will transform your living space into a personal haven. Being daring and creative can easily create the perfect mood, atmosphere, and ambiance that suits your unique style. Try out these accent wall inspirations to discover your perfect style that suits your home.


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