Clever Ways Julia Child Organized Her Kitchen for Timeless Charm and Fun

Julia Child was an American chef, author, and television personality who revolutionized the world of cooking with her passion for French cuisine. But not many know that she also had a keen eye for detail when it came to organizing her kitchen. Julia Child’s kitchen was functional and had a charming, welcoming feel, making it an inspiring place to cook. In this blog post, we will share 15 clever ways Julia Child organized her kitchen, making it timeless, decorative, and fun.

A pegboard for hanging utensils

Julia Child installed a pegboard on one of her kitchen walls to store cooking utensils like pots, pans, and ladles. Not only did it free up drawer space, but it also added a visual element to her kitchen decor.

Counter space for meal prep

One of the secrets to Julia Child’s cooking success was her ample countertop space. She made sure to have enough room for mise en place (preparing ingredients before cooking) and easy access to equipment like her mixer and food processor.

A separate island for cutting and chopping

Another crucial kitchen element Julia Child employed was a cutting board island that was at a comfortable height for her. She used this space for chopping vegetables, cutting meats, and kneading dough.

Clearly labeled storage containers

Julia Child’s kitchen had shelves stacked with clearly labeled glass containers, which made finding ingredients easy. She also stored some of her favorite spices and herbs on her countertop in small jars for quick access.

A designated pastry drawer

As an accomplished pastry chef, Julia Child needed a dedicated pastry drawer for equipment like pie plates, cake tins, rolling pins and baking sheets. She also had a separate cupboard for storing extra cake tins that were not in use.

A library ladder for reaching top-shelf storage

Julia Child’s kitchen had high ceilings with shelving that went all of the way up. To ensure she could reach everything with ease, she purchased a library ladder that added a charming touch to her kitchen decor.

Color-coded tools for efficiency

Julia Child had multiple tools of similar shapes and sizes, but she managed to keep them organized by color coding. For instance, her fish knives had yellow handles, and her French fry cutters had blue.

A variety of pot sizes for versatile cooking

Julia Child collected pots and pans of different sizes to cover all her cooking needs. She preferred using copper pots because they conducted heat evenly and were easy to maintain.

A well-stocked knife collection

Julia Child had an excellent collection of knives and ensured they were meticulously maintained. She always used the right knife for the right job.

A high-heat stove for searing and braising

Julia Child’s kitchen had a sturdy stove that could get hot enough for high-heat cooking methods like searing and braising. It also had a sturdy overhead hood to ensure excess smoke and heat were vented outside.

A separate dairy compartment in her fridge

Julia Child was very particular about ensuring the taste and freshness of her food, and she had a dedicated dairy compartment in her refrigerator to keep milk, butter, and eggs by themselves.

Functional and decorative hanging copper pots

Julia Child used hanging copper pots not just for their function but also for their aesthetic appeal. The copper pots added a warm metallic touch to her kitchen décor.

A well-stocked bar cart

Julia Child’s kitchen had a bar cart set up with all the necessary tools for making a perfect cocktail. She loved to entertain and considered drinks an important part of the experience.

A cookbook library

Julia Child’s kitchen had a dedicated shelf for cookbooks. She was an avid reader and often referred to her book collection for inspiration and guidance.

A charming seating area

Lastly, Julia Child kept a cozy seating area in her kitchen for relaxation and conversation. She used cozy textiles and pillows to create a comfortable vibe that was perfect for hosting guests.


Julia Child’s kitchen is more than just a functional space for cooking and baking. It is a testament to the power of organization and personal flair in creating a truly inviting atmosphere that stands the test of time.

By following in her footsteps and replicating some of her clever techniques, you can transform your kitchen into a charming and fun space in which you’ll look forward to spending time. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a beginner cook, a kitchen like Julia’s will inspire you to unleash your creativity and enjoy the process of preparing delicious meals for yourself and your loved ones. So take some notes, roll up your sleeves, and get ready to turn your kitchen into the heart of your home.


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