How to DIY a Floor Pillow – Step by Step Guide

Floor pillows are a great addition to any home – they provide comfort while sitting on the floor and add a pop of color to your home décor. However, buying a floor pillow can be expensive, and many times they don’t match your style. The best solution is to make your own floor pillow! This guide will break down the steps to create a beautiful floor pillow that will complement your home. The best part? No special experience or equipment needed!

Step 1 – Gather Materials

Before we dive into making the perfect floor pillow, having all the necessary materials is important. The first on the list is fabric, which should be chosen based on your preference – cotton or linen are both great options. Along with your chosen fabric, you’ll need sewing thread in a complementary color, a reliable sewing machine, and a pair of sharp scissors.

The next crucial item is stuffing to create the comfy cushiony effect – foam, polyester, or recycled pillows from around your house all work great. Don’t forget to have some pins and a tape measure ready as well! Once you have all the materials gathered, we can move on to crafting the perfect floor pillow for your home.

Step 2 – Cut the Fabric

Now that you have selected the perfect fabric for your pillow, it’s time to start cutting! This step is crucial as it will determine the shape and size of your final product. To begin, cut out two square fabrics that are equal in size. Remember, the size of the fabric will depend on how big you want your pillow to be.

A 22×22 inch square is a good place to start for an average-sized floor pillow. Be sure to measure and mark the fabric accurately before cutting, and use sharp scissors to prevent fraying. It’s important to ensure that each side of the square is the same size so your pillow doesn’t look lopsided. Proper cutting techniques can make all the difference in creating a high-quality, professional-looking pillow.

Step 3 – Pin Fabric Together

Making a square pillow, it’s important to start by setting up the two square fabrics correctly. To do this, make sure that the fabric’s right sides face each other and that the edges are aligned properly. When everything is lined up, start pinning the two fabrics together.

Leave one side open so that you can stuff the pillow later. Use a sewing machine to sew around three sides of the squares, being careful not to miss any spots or make any mistakes. Once you’re finished sewing, remove the pins and get ready to add stuffing to your brand new pillow. With this helpful and detailed guide, you’re sure to have a great start on your pillow-making journey.

Step 4 – Stuff Pillow

When it comes to stuffing your floor pillow, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First off, it’s crucial to avoid overpacking your pillow. Too much stuffing can make it feel hard and uncomfortable to sit on, defeating the purpose of a comfortable floor cushion.

Secondly, experimenting with different types of stuffing can help you achieve your desired level of comfort. Whether you prefer a soft, plush feel or something a bit firmer, there’s a stuffing option out there that’s perfect for you. Once you’ve found the stuffing material that suits you best, simply stuff your pillow and get ready to enjoy your new favorite seat.

Step 5 – Sew the Pillow

So, you have successfully crafted your floor pillow up until the final stage of sewing the last open side. This can be an exciting step as you prepare to see your work completed in its full glory. To ensure that your pillow looks professional and well-done, it’s crucial to pick the right thread tension for your sewing machine. This guarantees that your stitches are evenly spaced and sturdy without loops or loose threads.

Once you finish stitching, don’t forget to clip off any excess thread hanging from your floor pillow. So, with the last side sewn up, you now have an exceptional and comfy floor pillow ready for you to relax or doze off on. Congratulations on a job well done!

Step 6 – Personalize Your Floor Pillow

Add a personal touch to your floor pillow, Look no further than the endless options available to you! Adding an applique, lace, pom-pom trim, or even a name can all take your plain floor pillow to the next level.

The best part? The possibilities are endless! Whether you want to add a pop of color or showcase your creative abilities, you have the freedom to customize your pillow exactly how you want it. Don’t be afraid to let your inner designer take control and experiment with different ideas until you find the perfect way to showcase your unique style. With a personalized touch, your floor pillow will be transformed into a true statement piece for your home.


There’s nothing better than adding a personalized touch to your home décor, and DIY floor pillows are a perfect way to achieve this. Making your floor pillow is a cost-effective way to brighten up any living space while also being a fun and straightforward project to undertake. After reading this guide, you’ll be more than ready to start crafting your own floor pillow with ease. Happy sewing!


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