Creative Ways to Incorporate this timeless toy into Your Home 

Lego toys have been around for decades, entertaining both kids and adults alike. In fact, Lego-building is a therapeutic activity that helps improve cognitive skills, reduce anxiety, and foster creativity. While Lego building sets are already great entertainment, there are more ways to incorporate them into your daily life. By doing so, you can add some personality and color into your home. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss ten creative ways to incorporate Legos into your home, no matter your age or skill level. 

  1. Lego Storage Containers

Take a break from conventional storage containers and use Legos as a fun DIY storage solution. You can build a Lego bin in no time, and it’s perfect for holding small items like toys, jewelry, and stationery. Plus, it’s visually appealing and adds a pop of color to your room.

  1. Lego Wall Art

Want to give your walls a fresh new look? You can create eye-catching decor by placing Lego bricks in a pattern or creating a portrait. With the help of glue and frames, you can turn your favorite Lego creation into a unique piece of wall art.

  1. Lego Keychains

Legos also make great keychains! Attach them to your keys or backpacks for a touch of playfulness. You can create personalized keychains using mini-figures or bricks and even change them up every time you want a new look.

  1. Lego Terrariums

Get a little bit of nature into your home with Lego terrariums. Besides being low-maintenance, they are a fun way to add some greenery into your décor. Build a little Lego garden or a micro jungle using Lego bricks and succulents.

  1. Lego Display Flowers/Plants

Flowers and plants are good for your soul but only last for a while. Add some permanent blooms to your decor by creating Lego flowers or plants that you can display in a vase. You can build them to match your room’s color scheme, and they’ll always be in bloom.

  1. Lego Bookends

If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your book collection, consider making Lego bookends. These functional and fun bookends can be customized to your liking, whether you want to resemble your favorite characters or match your book genre. All you need are some Lego bricks and a little bit of creativity. Plus, making Lego bookends is a great DIY project to do with kids or as a fun weekend activity. So, give it a try and see how much more enjoyable it is to keep your books organized with Lego bookends.

  1. Lego Desk Organizer

Keep your desk tidy by building a Lego desk organizer. You can make it as simple or as intricate as you like, adding compartments for your pens, paper clips, and notes. Not only is it functional, but it’s also aesthetically appealing.

  1. Lego Jewelry Holder

Display your favorite jewelry on a Lego jewelry holder. You can create a necklace or bracelet stand using Lego bricks, and it looks great on your vanity. Plus, it adds a pop of color to your jewelry collection.

  1. Lego Coasters

Protecting your furniture has never been easier with DIY Lego coasters. They’re not only practical, but they can also be a fun addition to your decor. With a bit of creativity and glue, you can design your Lego coasters to match your color scheme or even create fun themes for different rooms or parties. These coasters are especially great for kids’ rooms as they can be personalized to their liking. Don’t let spills and damage ruin your furniture – try making your own Lego coasters and protect your home in a fun way!

  1. Lego Building Sets

Lastly, you can never go wrong with adding a Lego building set to your home. Whether it’s a replica model or a creative set, Lego building sets are a fun way to entertain yourself and others. 


Incorporating Legos into your home can be a fun way to add more personality to your decor while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of Lego building. Whether you’re looking for a little DIY project or a way to change up your home’s vibe, there are many ways to incorporate Legos into your daily life. From functional items like storage boxes to whimsical pieces like wall art, there’s no wrong way to use Legos. We hope this blog post has sparked some inspiration for you to get playful with Lego building.


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