Get Rid of the Glare: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Paint Your Walls Matte

Are you tired of the shiny gloss on your walls but can’t seem to find the color you desire in matt? You’re not alone. Sometimes, paint companies do not have the color you are looking for in a matte finish. But don’t fret, painting your walls matte is not a complex process. Follow these step-by-step instructions, and your walls will be matte and glare-free in no time.

Step 1: Choose the Right Primer

If you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated matte finish, using a primer is the key to achieving this.

By choosing a primer that will bind tightly to the drywall surface, you’ll be able to seamlessly apply your paint and smooth out any rough surfaces. Choosing a primer specifically designed for a matte finish is crucial, so you won’t have to worry about any unwanted shine or gloss.

Once you’ve chosen the right primer, make sure to apply it evenly to create the perfect uniform base. Be sure to allow the primer to dry completely before applying your final topcoat for flawless results. Achieving a delicate, modern matte finish has never been easier with the right primer!

Step 2: Pick the Right Paint

Are you looking to change things up in your home, specifically with the paint on your walls? Choosing the right paint can make all the difference when it comes to the overall aesthetic and atmosphere of a room.

With its low reflectivity properties, Matte paint is a popular choice among many homeowners. Not only does it provide a soft, velvety-looking texture to your walls, but it also helps hide any small imperfections that may be present.

Plus, with its non-reflective and non-shiny finish, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted glare or reflection from light sources in your home. So, if you’re wanting to achieve a subtle, sophisticated look for your space, consider opting for flat or matte paint.

Step 3: Paint Your Walls Matte

Painting can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the right techniques. One important tip to remember is to start with a light coat of paint before going in for the second one.

This is crucial to help you achieve a smooth and even finish, particularly if you’re aiming for a matte look. Applying a primer beforehand will also help create a well-prepared surface for your paint to adhere to.

To avoid overlapping or uneven brush strokes, apply the paint in a “W” shape. This approach ensures that you’re covering the surface evenly with paint and also helps minimize the number of brush strokes. With these tips, you’ll be able to paint like a pro in no time!

Step 4: Allow the Paint to Dry

Painting can be a fun and satisfying DIY project for any homeowner.

However, it’s important to remember that after you’ve applied your second coat of paint, you need to let it dry completely before touching it or hanging anything on the wall. Drying times can vary depending on the type of paint you’re using, so be sure to check the can for specific directions.

In order to avoid any smudging or streaking, it’s best to wait at least 24 hours before touching or hanging anything on the wall. This may seem like a long time to wait, but it’s worth it in the end to have a beautiful, flawless finish. Trust us, your patience will pay off!

Step 5: Follow-Up

After completing a paint job, it’s important to carefully examine the finished walls. Inspecting the surface can identify patches that might need touching up, so you can be sure they are perfect before enjoying your revitalized space fully. It’s easy to miss spots, so make a thorough review to ensure a consistent and even finish across all walls.

If you’re not entirely happy with the result, you might consider adding a metallic or pearlescent layer on top. This step creates an extra layer of shine and texture, adding dimension to your walls, and providing a unique look that sets your walls apart from the standard flat finishes.

It’s worth noting that this process will require extra diligence to the overall job, but the result is worth the extra effort and will leave your space looking elegant and sophisticated.


With these steps, getting that perfect matte finish you’ve always desired is easy. Choosing the right primer and paint, using proper painting techniques, and allowing the paint to dry correctly will guarantee the perfect matte finish for your room. Don’t forget to use good quality tools, as they can make a significant difference in the final outcome. Invest in a good paintbrush and roller for even application. So go ahead and create the perfect matte finish in your space today!


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