Do It Yourself Home Renovation: Save Money, Time, Frustration Remodeling Your Home by Knowing What to Do, How to Buy Your

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Renovate your home like professionals with 150+ DIY projects… at only a fraction of the cost.


From the Publisher

Safety First, Last, and Always

Glues, Fasteners, and More

Windows, Cabinets, or Bathroom?

Getting to know your home inside and out is crucial to any DIY project. Find out everything you need to know about your home, including the safety measures you should take so you can DIY effectively and confidently.

You want your home stable and as solid as a rock by the time you’re done with it! Get your hands on the best adhesives and fasteners out there.

No matter which project you got planned next, we’ve got you covered with creative but easy-to-follow steps!

Fun Project or Increase the value of Your Home

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5 reviews for Do It Yourself Home Renovation: Save Money, Time, Frustration Remodeling Your Home by Knowing What to Do, How to Buy Your

  1. Kindle Customer

    InformativeGood information. More pictures are needed. An illustration of a header or roof type makes more sense than a catalog picture of every type of tool you can buy from amazon.

  2. Patricia

    Basic home maintenance and repair simplifiedBasic explanation of simple home maintenance, routine repairs, and minor aesthetic updates. Not guide for homeowners who are remodeling house.

  3. Matthew Thrush

    DIY for DummiesExcited to have this in my library and my toolbox! There’s plenty of projects on my to do list that I dreaded before getting this book.

  4. E Sizmarick

    nice having everything in one placewhatever you need to do, its all right here. I had to hang a door so I picked this book up and found it helpful. Since I’ve had it, I had to replace some base boards and this book kept me from messing up the drywall.

  5. Edvin Szolcsak

    Very handy DIY book for newbies!That’s I needed as I’m a complete newbie in renovating or fixing things. But this DIY started to be my hobby especially during lockdown I learned a lot and this book gave me a lot too! At the moment I’m trying to fix our wood floor to make it like new without spending a lot. I can’t wait to start this project! Defo recommended!

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