How to Keep Your Garden Thriving While You’re on Vacation

During the pandemic, many people found solace in starting a garden as a way to pass the time and enjoy the outdoors. As your garden grows, it becomes a space you want to protect and nurture for all the hard work you’ve put in. However, going on vacation can leave you worried about what will […]

11 Great Plant Pairings for Your Garden

A well-planned garden can be a thing of beauty. However, to create a garden that is truly unique, you need to be thoughtful about the plants you choose and how they will interact with each other. It’s important to consider height, texture, colors, and seasonal changes when pairing plants in your garden. Here are 11 […]

Get Creative with Backyard Privacy: The Best Plants and Trees for Your Yard

If you’re looking to make your yard a tranquil oasis, privacy is a priority. But how do you add privacy without sacrificing your backyard’s aesthetic? Some many plants and trees provide a natural barrier while also complementing the beauty of your outdoor space. Let’s take a look at some of the best plants and trees […]